Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an adjuvant method to help cure diseases with the use of ozone (O3), a chemical component that carries a lot higher amount of energy than oxygen (O2). It has a great power of oxidizing. It’s an efficient disinfectant. That’s why it’s safely used in treatment facilities all around the world to kill the germs in drinking water. Ozone therapy is practiced as an additional therapy to other treatments, as the rule suggests, and it’s categorized as a complementary treatment. It can provide benefits as a safe supportive medicine method within the practice of trained and experienced doctors.


How is ozone therapy beneficial?


Ozone therapy supports healing by fighting pathogens such as fungus, virus, and bacteria, regulating the activity of our immune system, and stimulating the metabolism. An increase in the use of oxygen in our blood has common systematic effects that can positively influence our general health condition. Ozone and oxidative therapies enhance the use of oxygen in the mitochondria that is the energy factory of a cell. They also modulate the inflammation and immune system by influencing cytokine generation and antioxidant enzyme systems.


How is ozone therapy administered?


Ozone therapy can be injected through vascular access and provides the systemic treatment. It can also be given through rectal insufflation, vaginal insufflation, or injection into the sinus cavity. Our clinic offers serum ozone therapy that is also named bloodless ozone for people with blood phobia. The best-fitting method for you will be decided by your doctor.


Which diseases does ozone therapy affect?


Many aging symptoms and chronic disorders are related to the decrease in the use of oxygen and weak mitochondrial health. Being able to cure both factors, ozone therapy can lead to an extensive recovery of health. Immune modular and anti-infectious effects of this treatment contribute to the recovery in acute and chronic infections as well as autoimmune conditions.


Ozone therapy will be a significant complementary part of your treatment plan especially in the following situations:


  • Need to boost the immune system
  • Chronic viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • Pain and muscle degeneration
  • Cardiovascular diseases


How does ozone therapy strengthen the immune system?


Ozone therapy not only strengthens your immune system by ridding it of its burdens but also helps it do its job. Ozone has been used as a safe alternative disinfectant for water and air for a long time. With ozone therapy, you can benefit from the ozone’s sterilizing effect for your body. Once reaching your blood circulation, the medical ozone used in health activates your immune system. Stimulating the immune system, it cleanses your blood and inactivates various organisms such as virus, parasite, bacteria, and fungus living in your body.


Although a stronger immune system is one of the fundamental benefits of ozone therapy, it gives your body much more. Other benefits of ozone therapy are:


  • Faster recovery
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less pain
  • Stronger brain functions


To sum up, ozone therapy has many benefits for your health.