The patients who are currently receiving modern medical treatment, unless they have a condition that requires a surgical operation, can benefit from bioresonance as an adjuvant therapy under the supervision of a doctor. It is also possible to make use of bioresonance as a preventive therapy method. Bioresonance is used as an additional therapy along with other treatments, and it can provide benefits to the treatment of over 400 diseases, categorized as a complementary treatment.

All organs, tissues, and cells in the human body emit electromagnetic frequency automatically and naturally, just like machines do. If the wavelength of television is 5 GHz, the frequency of the human body can range between the levels that are one-thousandth of it.

The data used in bioresonance therapy is based on the frequency the body emits naturally. Every human being has a unique frequency, just like fingerprints, and each cell frequency is different from one another.  Specially designed bioresonance devices are used to measure and perceive human body frequencies. In bioresonance therapy, the disease is intended to neutralize or, to eliminate in other words, by sending inverted frequencies through the same device to the diseased tissues, cells, or organs in the opposite direction of where they usually emit energy; while in some cases, those frequencies are empowered to support the body to fight the disease. For example, while allergy treatment aims to reset the frequency pattern of the allergen stored in the body by inverting the frequency, hernia treatment is supported by empowering the frequency instead of inverting it.

Bioresonance therapy is accepted as conventional medicine in the west but complementary medicine in Turkey. It works with totally natural frequencies, without any medication or chemical application. That’s why it doesn’t have any side effects. The application is painless. It can be used on babies, children, the elderly, and the pregnant. The bioresonance method is known to help cure over 400 diseases.