Cupping Therapy (Bloodletting)

Cupping therapy implies a natural treatment method in which cups in various sizes are used. Cupping therapy (bloodletting) is one of the conventional treatment methods that doesn’t include medical substances but it still serves as a beneficial shield to fight many diseases and conditions. When administered correctly, the method is harmless and doesn’t cause any negative side effects. The consequences are generally fast and effective because the body will react to the cupping therapy for hours when done in time suitable time. The purpose of cupping therapy (bloodletting) is to strengthen the self-healing powers of the organism or activate it. The cupping therapy stimulates and supports the options that nature offers the body to fight illnesses.


The main function of the cupping therapy (bloodletting) is to regulate the body functions that cause the diseases, to reduce pain and cramp, to achieve healing in blood circulation, and to prevent inflammation. The process of regulating body functions eliminates the blockage caused by the overconsumption of chemical medication, which generally leads to diseases and the inability to concentrate or prevents the natural processes of the organism. The blockage causes additional complaints that indicate the location of a real dysfunction by eliminating the blocked functions.


Cupping therapy aims to widen the blood vessels by stimulating blood circulation. It increases blood flow in the therapized area, boost the metabolism, and allows a quicker elimination of the substances that cause pain and cramps.