Electromagnetic discharge

Every day, the city life charges 1000 times more electromagnetic waves into our body than it can handle! If you use a cell phone, microwave oven, hairdryer, or take the subway or plane, and live in a place surrounded by wireless internet network, then your immune system is at great risk. But you can cleanse your body of electromagnetic pollution.


The physiological frequency range of our body is approximately 10 Hz. Due to the electronic devices, wireless Internet, and the electro-mobility that are commonly used in urban life, our bodies are charged with the electromagnetic flow at the GHz level. Electromagnetic pollution, if more than our bodies can handle, leads to many diseases due to the cellular stress it has caused. It is possible to cleanse our bodies of this pollution.


Electromagnetic pollution caused by electricity and electronic devices is one of the most important reasons that most of us suffer from fatigue, although we have a balanced diet and a regular sleeping pattern and do exercise. Bioresonance therapy is one of the most effective ways to remove electromagnetic pollution that leads to many diseases due to the cellular stress it causes.