It’s an adjuvant treatment method based on local micro-injections of herbal and pharmacological medicine and aims to eliminate many diseases and pain. Derived from Latin, mesotherapy means “treatment of mesoderm”. Devised by a French doctor Michel Pistor in 1952, the method has spread to various parts of the world, especially to Europe. Administration of the method is based on the injection of the relevant vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and homeopathic drugs into the intradermal areas in mixtures and small doses with special needles and the microinjection technique under doctor supervision. It’s an effective adjuvant therapy to the treatment of inflectional diseases, rheumatic diseases, allergies, dermatologic diseases, sports injuries, cellulite, wrinkles, local weight loss, hair loss, and cardiovascular diseases, and eliminating or reducing pain. A session generally takes 10-15 minutes. Although it doesn’t have any systemic side effects, it is not used on pregnant and people with diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.