Frequently Asked Questions

Is bioresonance a definitive treatment for various diseases? Can a guarantee be given?

It is not correct to give any guarantees regarding health. As there is no guarantee of anything in life, we advise our patients not to rely on statements such as "100% sure treatment", "guaranteed results", "treatment guarantee".

It is known that the bioresonance method can benefit the treatment of more than 400 diseases as an auxiliary treatment method.

Yes, it can be used. There is no harm in applying bioresonance therapy before or after surgery, before, during and after drug therapy or different therapy methods. On the contrary, it can help increase the effectiveness of methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while helping to reduce or even eliminate unwanted side effects.

The treatment plan is determined individually. The duration, frequency of the sessions and the program to be applied are planned completely individually. Therefore, the duration of treatment varies accordingly.

The treatment plan is determined individually. The duration, frequency of the sessions and the program to be applied are planned completely individually. Therefore, the duration of treatment varies accordingly.

No, treatment fees are not covered by any insurance.

Yes, the bioresonance method, which has no side effects, is completely based on the body's natural frequency data and is performed with natural frequencies without the use of chemical / synthetic drugs, can be applied to all patients of all ages, women, men, children, infants, elderly, pregnant.

The age of the disease is important, not the age of the patient. You can find out which disease's frequency code is present in your body with the "bioresonance-specific blood test"… With the blood test specific to the bioresonance method, frequency codes of 6400 substances can be scanned from cancer cells to viruses, from allergens to heavy metals in a drop of blood taken from a finger. These 6400 items are grouped under the following headings:

- Cancer cells
- Allergens
- Food allergies
- Vaccine allergies
- Viruses
- Bacteria
- Parasites
- Fungi
- Chemicals
- Heavy metals
- Environmental toxins
- Food additives

The physiological frequency range of our body is on average 10 Hz. We are loaded with electromagnetic current at the level of GHz due to electronic devices, wireless Internet and electrical transportation networks widely used in city life.

Electromagnetic pollution, which our body cannot handle, invites many diseases due to the cellular stress it creates. It is possible to get rid of this pollution with bioresonance.

One of the most important reasons why many of us feel exhausted despite eating well, sleeping regularly and doing sports is electromagnetic pollution caused by electrical and electronic devices. Bioresonance therapy is one of the most valid ways to get rid of electromagnetic pollution that paves the way for many diseases through the cellular stress it creates.

Strengthening the immune system means supporting the body to cope with many diseases. We all live with the formations such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that we are not aware of, as well as the residues left in our bodies by the chemical products we use, environmental pollution and food additives. We can benefit from bioresonance therapy as an auxiliary medicine method in order to strengthen our immune system by getting rid of these burdens.

The bioresonance method can be used as a natural doping and training method, especially in order to increase the performance of athletes, students preparing for exams, people who work intensively in the business world and those who work under constant stress such as sales and finance. This application, called pick performance, is based on increasing the performance of the person with the help of frequencies using a bioresonance device.

How much does bioresonance therapy cost?

Surely you are wondering about the cost of bioresonance therapy. You will appreciate that all of you have different diseases, ailments or the reason for applying bioresonance therapy. Therefore, the treatment process will also work differently and the number of sessions will change accordingly. Therefore, it is not correct to give an exact figure or give a standard treatment plan. . Read more

How long does the bioresonance effect last?

The session effect in the bioresonance method is indefinite and permanent. Therefore, this is not a situation like a chemical substance, like a drug. The chemical is applied, that is, you take the drug, there is a metabolic event in the body and then it is excreted. The treatment frequencies we receive in the bioresonance method are actually information. You give this information to the body, the body processes this information. Therefore, it does not have a duration, shape or a certain period.

What is Traditional Complementary and Functional Medicine (GETAT)?

Traditional Complementary and Functional Medicine (GETAT) perspective is a treatment approach that focuses on the patient, not the disease. In this approach, unlike classical medicine, the main causes of the disease are investigated. And with the determination of the most basic causes, a treatment plan is prepared on the basis of these reasons and treating the patient holistically. For example, classical medicine is about your current illness and current complaints Read More.

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I have FMF, Mediterranean Fever. It’s a genetic disease. He will come with me until I die. When I grow up, it will spread to my kidneys, there is a possibility of kidney failure. I would be very happy if they find the solution. Of course, it’s easy to see the glass half empty. This listener was also a little interested in the empty half of the glass. There can be serious problems with FMF, yes. But you have to see the glass half full. There are many patients with FMF who are followed up, recovered, and are in very stable condition… Read more

Are there any harms of bioresonance therapy?

Since bioresonance therapy uses your own frequencies and the reverse frequencies of pathological substances foreign to your body, it is a treatment method that does not cause any harm, side effects, pain or suffering.