Dr. Sinan Akkurt is actually a family practitioner. His mother was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer and was predicted to have six months to live. Meanwhile, his 32-weeks-pregnant sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. He trusted his colleagues with his sister and mother.

 But suddenly stuck in such a situation, he wanted to try every method he knew for the treatment. He started using the bioresonance therapy, he says he “had knowledge about it”, as a complementary method to the conventional medical treatment of his mother and sister. Both were recorded to have a quick recovery. Realizing that no cancer cells were observed in the pathology reports of his mother with six months to live and his sister with breast cancer after seven months of therapy, he started researching bioresonance with the hope to help other patients. We discussed bioresonance with Dr. Akkurt who has been invited for the last four years to make a speech at the International Bioresonance Congress held in German.

What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance is a German-based treatment method that is based on quantum physics and makes use of the biophysical frequencies the cells emit. Each cell emits a biophysical vibration which involves its characteristic. This is called the “frequency” of the cell. Each cell’s frequency is different, in other words: unique. Factors such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemical substances, heavy metals, and environmental pollution cause cell frequencies to disrupt, which leads to diseases.

How does bioresonance therapy work?

It is enabled to neutralize the cells and make them function healthily as they did before by inverting the frequencies of foreign substances and environmental factors that disrupt the cell frequency. It’s possible to heal your current illness by inverting the frequencies as well as make any organ function in a better way by empowering its frequency.

“It’s used for many diseases from allergies to cancer.”

Is it a scientifically valid method?

Sure, it’s a method supported by scientific articles. Congresses on bioresonance are held in foreign countries. In the National Microbiology Congress held in Turkey in December, a study was shared which has proven that some bacteria can be killed effectively by inverting frequencies with the bioresonance method. Although it has just started to become spread in our country in recent years, it’s a test and treatment method used in Europe for 35 years. It’s considered one of the natural medicine methods in German.

Which diseases is it used to treat effectively?

Bioresonance has a treatment approach to every disease except surgical and emergency diseases. But in terms of efficacy, allergy groups have reached the highest success rates. It’s possible to benefit from bioresonance for the treatment of diseases in a wide range including but not limited to allergy-based diseases, rheumatic diseases, migraine, headache, backache, neck pain, and cancer.

Can allergies be treated?

Just like cells, allergic substances also have frequencies. For example; if you are allergic to matter A, the body records that frequency. When we invert this frequency and send it back to the body, the information regarding the allergic matter is neutralized. In that way, the individual doesn’t show any allergic reactions to the matter if encounters it again.

“Over 6400 substances are scanned in one’s blood”

How do you detect what the individual is allergic to?

When the patient arrives here, their blood is tested for the scan of over 6400 different substances. These substances include allergens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, toxins, and even cancer cells. This scan shows what a person is allergic to.

How many sessions does it take to neutralize the allergy frequency?

The allergy frequency can be neutralized in approximately three months with sessions of 75 minutes once a week. At the end of the therapy, chips that involve anti-frequencies are inserted into some patients to maintain the treatment until the next session. For a successful treatment, the patients should avoid the things to which they are allergic during the allergy treatment process.

“It’s used for cancer as complementary medicine, not alternative.”


How is bioresonance is used for the treatment of patients with cancer?

It helps improve the body resistance, I mean immunity, of patients, and reduce the number of cancer cells. Thus, the sooner patients contact us, the more chance of success there is for treatment. Bioresonance is not an alternative therapy for cancer treatment. It’s an adjuvant therapy that increases the efficacy of the treatment and reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Do oncologists recommend bioresonance to their patients?

Some oncologists with whom we are in contact refer their patients to us. Also, 40 percent of my current patients are from doctors and doctors’ relatives. Sometimes it’s too late when patients come to us in the latest stage of cancer. In that case, we might not be able to prolong the lifetime. But we help them live the rest of their time more comfortably by reducing their pain.


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